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Sub-target 6: Men’s violence against women must end


The Government’s sixth gender equality policy sub-target is that ‘Men’s violence against women must end’. Women and men and girls and boys must have the same rights and opportunities to bodily integrity.

The sub-target that men's violence against women must end includes all expressions of mental and physical violence, including sexual violence, and threats of violence targeting women and girls.

Honour-related violence and oppression

The sub-target also includes honour-related violence and oppression, as well as prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes. The second part of the sub-target on bodily integrity concerns the right and ability of women and girls to decide over their own body, sexuality and reproduction. The sub-target also includes men's and boys' exposure to violence and bodily integrity.

The sub-target also has a special focus on the link between masculinity and violence. Moreover, it includes countering the commercialisation and exploitation of women's bodies in the media and pornography, and in advertising that aims to reproduce notions of women's subordination. The sub-target also includes harassment, threats and other types of violence that occur on the internet and in other digital channels.