Sweden to provide direct support and defence materiel to Ukraine


On Sunday 27 February, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist held a press conference on Sweden’s support to Ukraine.

The Government announced at the press conference that it would present proposals for direct support to Ukraine’s armed forces totalling SEK 500 million. Sweden plans to provide 5 000 anti-tank weapons of the model ‘Pansarskott 86’, 5 000 body shields, 5 000 helmets and 135 000 field rations with a total value of SEK 400 million.

“Europe, and even Sweden, now finds itself in an exceptional situation, which means that exceptional decisions must be taken,” said Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and continued:  

“It is not Swedish practice to send military equipment to conflict zones. The last time Sweden did so to any great extent was when the Soviet Union attacked Finland in 1939.”

Ms Andersson stated that Sweden’s security is best served by Sweden supporting Ukraine’s ability to defend itself against Russia. The extensive support to Ukraine’s armed forces that the Government is moving forward with is taking place in close coordination with other countries.

In addition, Sweden will increase its humanitarian aid to Ukraine by SEK 500 million.