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Minister for Social Services Camilla Waltersson Grönvall visits Ukraine


On Thursday 20 April, Minister for Social Services Camilla Waltersson Grönvall visited the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, where she met President Zelenskyy’s wife, Olena Zelenska, and representatives of the Ukrainian Government. At the meeting, they discussed how children have been affected by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Alongside Vice-President of the European Commission Dubravka Šuica and Vice-President of the European Parliament Ewa Kopacz, Ms Waltersson Grönvall emphasised the importance of protecting children from the devastating consequences of the war and of defending their rights.

The meeting included a briefing on the acute situation in Ukraine from the child perspective. Children have been killed and injured, and millions have been forced to leave their homes due to the war. Ms Zelenska and the Ukrainian government representatives expressed concern over the illegal removal of thousands of children from Ukraine to Russia. The situation of the Ukrainian children currently residing in the EU was also discussed.

The joint EU visit to Ukraine also focused on the future. It was an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in the area of social services and support to families. The Swedish Presidency will hold a high-level meeting in Stockholm on 1–2 June to continue the dialogue on how the EU can best contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine in the area of social policy.