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Business Sweden

Business Sweden is an organisation jointly owned by the State and business sector that supports and promotes Swedish exports and investments in Sweden.

Swedish operations are carried out at the head office in Stockholm and by regional export advisers who advise, inform and train Swedish companies locally. Export and investment experts at the head office provide market information and advice in response to queries from companies and other stakeholders. Business Sweden has more than 50 offices around the world and cooperates with Swedish embassies, consulates, chambers of commerce and other local networks for the benefit of the internationalisation of Swedish companies.

Business Sweden has two principals – the Swedish State and the private business sector in Sweden. The State is represented by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the business sector by the Swedish Foreign Trade Association.


State assignment

  • Basic export service: Information and responses to requests; basic practical export advice to small and medium-sized companies and general trade development promotion in international markets that are of interest to Swedish companies.
  • Programmes for small companies: Regional export advisers, who cover all Swedish counties, offer advice to small and medium-sized companies in Sweden, skills development to small and medium-sized companies, regional export advice, and information in Sweden about international markets.
  • Targeted export promotion: Special initiatives to prepare for exports to international markets for small and medium-sized companies, targeted promotion activities in selected markets, international marketing of strategic industries, and internationally procured contracts.
  • Basic investment promotion: Information and responses to requests, reporting on foreign investments globally and in Sweden, collaboration with and skills enhancement initiatives throughout Sweden for regional actors promoting investments.
  • Targeted initiatives to promote investment: Marketing abroad of investment opportunities in Sweden in relevant industries, advanced information and support to foreign investors in the investment process, in close collaboration with regional and other relevant actors throughout Sweden.

Company-specific business development

Consulting services: Business Sweden provides contract services for Swedish companies on market terms.

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