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Circular notes from the Protocol Department

This page contains copies of circular notes sent from the Protocol Department to diplomatic missions, career consular posts and offices of international organisations.

Circular note 1-2024 - Becoming a bank customer.pdf

Circular note no 3 2023 - Public Holidays in 2024.pdf

Circular note 2 2023 - Private servants.pdf

Circular note no 1 2023 - Parking at Arlanda airport.pdf

Circular note 3/2022 Public Holidays 

Circular note 2/2022 Time limit on lengths of service for certain posted staff

Circular note 1/2022 New form for permission to serve duty free alcohol

Circular note 4/2021 Public Holidays in Sweden 2022

Circular note 2/2021 Size of the Mission

Circular note 1/2021 COVID-19 vaccination process

Circular note 4/2020 Correspondence for the Government Offices

Circular note 3/2020 Public Holidays Sweden 2021

Circular note 2/2020 Consequences of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union

Circular note 1/2020 Communication with the Government Offices and the Government Agencies

Circular note 8/2019 Private servants

Circular Note 7/2019 Public Holidays 2020

Circular Note 6/2019 Right to education in preschool class

Circular Note 3/2019 Notification procedure for non-resident Heads of Mission and other diplomatic agents concerned

Circular Note 2/2019 Notification of end of duty

Circular Note 1/2019 Size of the Mission

Circular Note 2/2018 Public holidays in Sweden 2019

Circular Note 1/2018 New Legislation regarding Reporting of Social Security Contributions

Circular Note 2/2017 Information on VAT and excise duties for Administrative and Technical Staff

Circular Note 1/2017 Public holidays in Sweden 2018

Circular Note 6/2016 Public holidays in Sweden 2017

Circular Note 5/2016 New procedures for population registration certificates

Circular Note 4/2016 Request for update of contact information

Circular Note 3/2016 New procedures for photo badges at Arlanda Airport

Circular Note 2/2016 Limited phone service during the summer

Circular Note 1/2016 New procedure for refunds of VAT and Excise Duties

Circular Note 4/2015 Diplomatic Correspondence

Circular Note 3/2015 Public Holidays 2016

Circular Note 2/2015 Contact Information Request

Circular Note 1/2015 Employment of Private Servants

Circular Note 3/2014 Public Holidays 2015

Circular Note 2/2014 Distinction between locally employed staff and staff considered to be on a posting by the sending state

Circular Note 1/2014 Parking

Circular Note 4/2013 Time Limit for Residence Permits of Certain Mission Staff

Circular Note 3/2013 Information about the updated Model Employment Contract for Private Servants

Circular Note 2/2013 Existing procedures for duty free imports of i.a. cigarettes and alcoholic beverages

Circular Note 1/2013 Updated policy concerning mobile communication devices for external guests visiting Ministers or State Secretaries