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The second barrier to crime – negative trends must be broken early


Crime prevention efforts must focus more on early preventive measures and outreach than is currently the case. Children and young people with risk behaviour or norm-breaking behaviour must be identified at an early stage and provided with adequate measures and support. This is also crucial to stopping recruitment to criminal gangs.

Broad supporting and preventive measures form the base of collective efforts to tackle crime and insecurity. Moreover, targeted measures are needed for individuals and groups who, for various reasons, are in need of more comprehensive support and who run an increased risk of getting involved in crime. These targeted measures need to be of high quality and carried out systematically with a long-term perspective, and be based on evidence and the best available knowledge. 

Priority action areas:

  • early efforts, low thresholds and increased accessibility;
  • parental responsibility and support to custodians and
  • increased tools for social services to provide support and assistance to children and young people.