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Sanctions against Myanmar (Burma)

Here is information on sanctions against Myanmar (Burma).

Description of the sanctions

After lifting the majority of the sanctions in April/May 2013, an arms embargo and an embargo concerning products that may be used for internal repression remain in place.

This means it is prohibited to sell or supply, etc. to Myanmar any arms and related materiel and equipment that might be used for internal repression. It is also prohibited to provide technical and financial assistance related to such products. Certain exemptions may be granted, such as for humanitarian use, maintenance of public order and safety by the authorities, or for use in institution-building or emergency prevention measures carried out by the UN or the EU, etc.

Competent Swedish authorities

Previously, a number of Swedish agencies were appointed as competent authorities with duties under the applicable regulation at that time or were competent authorities directly under Swedish legislation. These duties have now ceased.

Questions regarding the types of sanctions that remain, namely the arms embargo and the ban on the export of equipment that may be used for internal repression, may be addressed to the Inspectorate of Strategic Products.