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Sanctions against Nicaragua

Here is information on sanctions against Nicaragua.

Description of the sanctions

1. Freezing of assets

All funds and economic resources, owned by individuals or entities involved in or supporting actions that undermine the peace, security or stability of Guinea-Bissau and individuals or entities associated with them shall be frozen. It is also prohibited to directly or indirectly make funds or economic resources available to such individuals or entities. Exemptions may be granted in certain cases to satisfy basic needs, etc.

2. Travel restrictions

It is prohibited for persons designated by the sanctions committee, and who on this basis have been listed by the EU, to enter or transit through the EU. Persons who may be subject to listing include those who participate in actions that undermine peace, security and stability in the Central African Republic, who violate the arms embargo, who support armed groups or criminal networks with weapons or in some other way, who in any way have participated in crimes against human rights or international humanitarian law, who recruit or use child soldiers or who obstruct the delivery of humanitarian assistance.