Migration and asylum policy objectives


The objective for migration and asylum policy is to ensure a long-term sustainable migration policy that safeguards the right of asylum and, within the framework of managed immigration, facilitates mobility across borders, promotes needs-based labour migration, harnesses and takes into account the effects of migration on development, and deepens European and international cooperation.

This kind of policy consists of several different interrelated parts that involve measures at both international and national level. Achieving this objective requires cooperation within organisations such as the UN and the EU, as well as effective and constructive cooperation between relevant agencies, municipalities and civil society.

Enhanced and constructive cooperation both in the EU and globally is a cornerstone of a long-term, sustainable migration policy. Sweden will be a strong and important voice in Europe for the protection of the right to asylum and vulnerable groups. The EU's common asylum system must be efficient, legally certain, sustainable and humane, and must protect the right to asylum. Other central parts of this system are increased shared responsibility for people in the EU who are in need of protection, and a solidarity-based distribution of asylum seekers.