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Avert terrorist attacks and other ideologically motivated crime


There will always be individuals who develop the intent and capability to commit or support terrorist attacks or other criminal activities based on violent extremism. Averting violent extremism and terrorism is ultimately a matter of discovering the individuals who may have developed the intent and capability to commit serious acts of violence or terrorism.

To be able to carry out this work, law enforcement authorities need to have purposeful, legally secure and effective tools, and the ability to operationalise the National Centre for Terrorist Threat Assessment’s (NCT) strategic assessment of the terrorist threat in Sweden and against Swedish interests.

The law enforcement authorities need to collaborate more intensively with other government authorities. An example of this is the Swedish Security Service’s collaboration with the Swedish Migration Authority in identifying security threats. Law enforcement authorities also need to a greater extent gather and exchange information, and utilise new technologies. The Swedish Police Authority highlights the need for increased knowledge to identify the ideological component of various types of crime.


  • That the Counter-terrorism Cooperative Council intensifies its collaboration to prevent and avert violent extremism and terrorism.
  • Improve access to, and exchange of, information.
  • Intensify efforts against financing of violent extremism and terrorism.
  • Enhance efforts to prevent the spread of terrorist content on digital platforms.
  • Identify individuals who pose a security threat.
  • Curtail access to weapons and other means of carrying out attacks.


Central actors

Swedish Companies Registration Office
Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention
Swedish Economic Crime Authority
Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate
Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority
Public Health Agency of Sweden
Swedish Defence Materiel Administration
National Defence Radio Establishment
Swedish Armed Forces
Swedish Board of Agriculture
Swedish Prison and Probation Service
Swedish Enforcement Authority
Swedish Chemicals Agency
Swedish Coast Guard
County Administrative Boards of Skåne, Stockholm and Västra Götaland
Swedish Migration Agency
Military Intelligence and Security Service
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
National Centre for Terrorist Threat Assessment
Swedish Police Authority
Swedish Inspectorate of Auditors
Counterterrorism Cooperative Council
Coordination function against money laundering and terrorism financing (Police)
National Board of Health and Welfare
Swedish Gambling Authority
Swedish Bar Association
Swedish Tax Agency
Swedish Radiation Safety Authority
Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
Swedish Security Service
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Swedish Defence Research Agency
Swedish Transport Administration
Swedish Transport Agency
Swedish Customs
Swedish Prosecution Authority