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About the Financial Stability Council


The Financial Stability Council is a meeting forum for regular discussion of issues concerning financial stability and risks that can lead to undesired consequences for the financial system as a whole. The council will ultimately work to safeguard financial stability and thus reduce the risk of a negative impact on the economic outlook. In the event of threats to financial stability the council will also discuss the preparation of, and need for, measures. This is done within the relevant government agencies’ remit and mandate based on each government agency’s analysis and assessment of the financial stability.

The council consists of representatives of the Government, Sveriges Riksbank, the Swedish Financial Authority and the Swedish National Debt Office. The council meetings are chaired by the minister responsible for financial markets, Niklas Wykman. The other members of the council are the Governor of the Riksbank Erik Thedéen, the Director General of Finansinspektionen Daniel Barr and the Director General the Swedish National Debt Office Karolina Ekholm.

The council is not a decision-making body. The Government and the government agencies represented will independently determine which measures will be taken within their own areas of responsibility and authority.

Should a financial crisis occur, the council will meet more frequently to discuss the need for crisis measures.

Collaboration under the name Financial Stability Council has been ongoing for approximately 20 years. Initially, this took place through agreements between the participating authorities. During the period 2014–2024, it functioned as an independent committee. Since April 2024, the stability council is part of the Government Offices.