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Information material from Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Children who are wrongfully removed or retained in another country Reference No.: UD 16.011


The number of children who are wrongfully removed or are retained in a country other than the country where the child is resident has increased in recent years.

This booklet aims to give you as a parent in this situation some practical support by offering information about what you yourself can do as a parent, what help you can get and where you can turn. At the same time, it contains information about what help is not available to you. This information is also important to keep your expectations realistic.


We want to underline that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) cannot be your representative. We therefore want to urge you to engage a lawyer who is very familiar with cases of this type, in case you run into problems that may require court proceedings.

This booklet is also aimed at those of you who suspect that your child may be abducted. It provides information and advice on what action you can take to prevent an abduction in so far as is possible.

Child abductions occur both to and from Sweden. This booklet, however, focuses primarily on child abductions from Sweden.

This booklet also deals with questions related to custody of and access to your child in international contexts. One example is what is applicable if you have a Swedish judgment regarding access, but the child has moved to another country.

As a result of the often difficult questions that arise in this area, several countries have felt a need for greater international cooperation. Three international agreements are particularly important - the 1980 Hague Convention , the Brussels II Regulation and the 1996 Hague Convention.