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The Swedish Environmental Code Ds 2000:61

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The Swedish Environmental Code was adopted in 1998 and entered into force 1 January 1999. The rules contained within 15 acts have been amalgameted in the Code. As many similar rules in previous statutes have been replaced with common rules, the number of provisions has been reduced. The Environmental Code is nonetheless a major piece of legislation. The Code contains 33 chapters comprising almost 500 sections. However, it is only the fundamental environmental rules that are included in the Environmental Code. More detailed provisions are laid down in ordinances made by the Government. The translation takes account of amendments that have been made since the Code entered into force up to 1 August 2000. References to the laws adopting the amendments are given in parantheses and show the reference number of the law in question. However, laws regulating transitional arrangements or dates of entry into force have not been included. The two annexes specifying the environmental classes of petrol and diesel fuels are not included in the translation. The Ministry of Environment publishes the translation as a service to interested persons but takes no legal responsibility for the translation or for any consequenses arising from its use.