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Karolina Skog is no longer a government minister,
Minister for the Environment

Press release from Ministry of the Environment

Sweden joins Coalition of the Willing on Pollinators


The number of pollinating insects is dramatically declining throughout the world, including in Sweden. This has adverse impacts on agriculture, horticulture and biodiversity. Sweden is now joining a coalition of countries with specific ambitions to reverse the negative trend for pollinators.

Pollinating insects are crucial to agriculture, horticulture and the natural world, since plants cannot reproduce without them. In Europe, almost 40 per cent of wild bee species and 30 per cent of butterfly species are declining. Sweden is now joining a coalition of countries and organisations seeking to highlight the worrying decline and take action.

"Work is being done to improve the situation of pollinators, but it is not enough. Sweden is now joining with a number of other countries and actors to show that we want to do more," says Minister for the Environment Karolina Skog.

The other countries that have signed the declaration and joined the coalition are Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Denmark, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Slovenia, Spain, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.

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