This content was published in the period between 21 January 2019 and 8 July 2021.

Next phase in innovation partnership between Sweden and France now begins


When Prime Minister Stefan Löfven met French President Emmanuel Macron today in Paris, the countries’ strategic partnership for innovation, digital transformation and green solutions was updated and deepened. When Mr Löfven and Mr Macron entered into the partnership in November 2017, it was agreed that Sweden and France needed to work together in a number of strategic areas to better address digital transformation and climate adaptation.

The purpose of the Swedish-French partnership is to work together and, through innovation, address the challenges of the transition to a more sustainable welfare society, create new jobs and maintain social cohesion. This innovation partnership is now being deepened for the coming two years, particularly with regard to sustainable development in artificial intelligence, 5G and a fossil-free transport sector through the development of batteries and electric roads. A shared goal is to achieve inclusive climate-neutral cities by 2030. Investment in the innovation capacity of Swedish and French small companies is also a focus of the partnership.

The partnership with France also ties in with shared priorities for a new European industrial policy, where green transition and digitalisation are in focus.

“It is natural that we cooperate to benefit from digitalisation and speed up the green transition through investment in artificial intelligence and batteries, areas where Sweden and the largest EU Member States are at the forefront. They are central to a European industrial strategy,” says Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Ibrahim Baylan.

As host countries for two international research facilities – ESS in Sweden and ITER in France – the countries will collaborate to successfully develop and operate these large-scale facilities for world-leading research and innovative solutions for climate adaptation and for a more competitive industrial sector in Europe.

“We have laid a solid foundation through our partnership with France. It therefore feels very positive to now take the next step together and focus on a number of strategic areas. Our world-leading companies, start-ups, prominent seats of learning and institutes, our government agencies and more are key players in this partnership. Only through close collaboration can we meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals and live up to the Paris Agreement,” says Mr Baylan.

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