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Press release from Ministry of the Environment

Government reduces emission amounts by almost 10.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent


The Government decided today to reduce emission amounts by an additional 10.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent by cancelling emissions units.

The Governments wants Sweden to try to meet its national climate goal for 2020 with domestic measures only. As a result, a surplus of emissions units has been generated and the Government has now chosen to remove these units – as it has done in previous years – instead of selling them to other countries.

The Government has decided this year to cancel – meaning it will remove – approximately 10.5 million emissions units, which is equivalent to approximately 10.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

“I am delighted to be able to make this type of decision during my first few weeks as Minister for Environment and Climate. Sweden must be a role model for climate efforts, and with this decision we have removed emission amounts that could have otherwise been used by other countries. This is entirely in line with our ambitious climate policy,” says Minister for Environment and Climate Per Bolund.

As a result of the decision, the Government has tasked the Swedish Energy Agency with removing the emissions units that were generated when Sweden exceeded the emissions goals it was assigned by the EU. The Energy Agency will also cancel the emissions units that arose through investments in international climate projects under the Kyoto Protocol.

The decision in part concerns 4.6 million emissions units under the Kyoto Protocol that Sweden acquired through climate initiatives in developing countries that were delivered in 2019. These will be removed instead of being sold onward or credited so as to achieve the Swedish national climate goals.

The other part of the decision means that Sweden’s entire annual surplus of emissions units under the EU resolution on division of responsibilities will also be removed. This year’s decision applies to the surplus from 2018 that amounted to almost 5.8 million emissions units.

Based on similar decisions, the Government has reduced total emissions amounts since 2014 by approximately 130 million tonnes – more than double Sweden’s total emissions in 2019.

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Fact box

Sweden is the only Member State that has removed its surplus under the EU Effort Sharing Decision for higher climate ambitions.
During the current and previous electoral periods, the Government decided to remove a total of 130 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in emissions amounts. For comparison, Sweden’s total emissions in 2019 amounted to 50.9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.