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Press release from Ministry of Culture

Emergency support and incentives to culture


The Government proposes that the area of culture be allocated an additional SEK 1.28 billion for emergency support and incentives in 2021 to mitigate the economic impact of the spread of COVID-19 and to facilitate a restart of activities once the situation allows. The proposal is based on an agreement between the government parties, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.

A prerequisite for cultural life to exist throughout the country is that there are dynamic actors that have the opportunity to create art and plan performances, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events. The restrictions and general advice introduced due to COVID-19 have had a negative economic impact on the cultural sector.

The Government therefore wants to extend the emergency support distributed to public cultural activities, artists and other actors in the area of culture that have been hit hard, and allocate funds so that the actors can start up their activities again in an infection-safe manner once the situation allows. Support will also be distributed via the cultural cooperation model to cultural activities throughout the country.

In all, it is proposed that the area of culture be allocated an additional SEK 1.28 billion for emergency support and incentives in 2021.

Most of the emergency support will be distributed by the Swedish Arts Council, which will also distribute support intended to enable actors to start up their activities again. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the Swedish Film Institute, the Swedish Authors’ Fund and the Sami Parliament will also distribute grants. The Government and the supporting institutions will provide more detailed information about the design of the support at a later date.

This proposal means that the Government, in cooperation with the Centre Party and the Liberal Party, has proposed a total of SEK 2.78 billion in emergency support and incentives to independent cultural life in 2021.

This support is necessary to enable production ahead of a restart. In addition, the Government is presenting support to organisers of events planned for the period July–December 2021 that cannot be held or must be greatly limited due to the restrictions resulting from the spread of COVID-19.

The Government intends to present this proposal to the Riksdag in a coming amending budget.


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