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Press release from Ministry of Justice

Minister for Migration to host round-table discussions on the situation of Ukrainians in Sweden


The Government has received a report from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) based on a survey about how adult Ukrainian citizens with residence permits under the Temporary Protection Directive view their life in Sweden. In connection with this, Minister for Migration Maria Malmer Stenergard is today hosting a round-table discussions on the report’s conclusions.

“It’s important that we respond to what has emerged in the report, and that the Government remains forward-looking in its support to Ukraine. This includes support to the Ukrainian citizens residing in Sweden, and in this regard the invited civil society representatives have important knowledge to share,” says Ms Malmer Stenergard. 

In response to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the EU decided to activate the Temporary Protection Directive, which offers people fleeing the war temporary protection in the Member State in which they are registered. Since the outbreak of the war on 24 February 2022, around 55 000 Ukrainian citizens have applied for protection in Sweden under the Temporary Protection Directive. Approximately 38 000 are currently estimated to be residing in this country.

In March, the Government Offices commissioned the IOM to conduct a survey with a view to better understanding the challenges the group face, including any obstacles to entering the Swedish labour market. 

“The aim of the survey was to deepen our knowledge of this group and their needs. Hopefully, it can serve as a reliable basis for targeted measures. It’s also important to highlight this group’s needs by hearing from those concerned,” says Ms Malmer Stenergard. 

The survey contained questions about individuals’ living situation, background, future plans and life in Sweden, including about their work situation, health, language skills, education and training, accommodation, intentions for the future and possible travel to and from Ukraine. 

The full report: IOM Survey in Sweden - Ukraine response

The results of the survey will now help give the Government a better picture of the group of displaced Ukrainian citizens in Sweden. They can also be used as a basis for government decisions and further measures to facilitate their entry into the labour market, for example.

In the Spring Amending Budget for 2023, the Government proposed that the municipalities be given SEK 100 million in state aid to offer municipal adult education in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) for individuals who are protected under the Temporary Protection Directive. Initiatives for individuals covered by the Temporary Protection Directive are also in effect between autumn 2022 and September 2023 within the framework of the national European Social Fund (ESF) programme. These initiatives, worth around SEK 629 million, aim to help this group find work and promote their social inclusion. Sweden has also proposed reallocating SEK 329 million within the ESF programme to extend the initiatives for this group until June 2024. 

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