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Press release from Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Swedish plane from Israel has landed


The Swedish plane that took off from Tel Aviv last evening has landed at Arlanda Airport. There were 143 people onboard. The passengers were Swedes with families.

“I am very pleased that a Swedish chartered plane from Israel has now landed in Sweden. The situation in Israel and Palestine is difficult and unpredictable, and the operation has been complex. I am proud of the efforts of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Consulate-General in Jerusalem. Work is now continuing to assist Swedes who are still in the area and wish to leave,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is planning for another assisted departure by plane on Friday evening. Swedes who are registered on the Swedish list for Israel or Palestine and have expressed the desire to leave will be contacted when seats on this flight and the departure time are available.

In addition to the assisted departure by plane, the Ministry and missions aboard are providing up-to-date information about other options for leaving. The Ministry remains in close contact with the other Nordic countries about departure alternatives.