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Press release from Ministry of Justice

Reintroduced temporary internal border control


The Government has decided to reintroduce border control at Sweden’s internal borders from 12 November 2023 to 11 May 2024. The decision is based on the Government’s assessment that there is a serious threat to public order and internal security.

Sweden is facing a deteriorating security situation with several simultaneous threats to internal security. In August 2023, the Director-General of the Swedish Security Service decided to raise the terrorist threat level from level 3 (‘elevated’) to level 4 (‘high’) on a five-point scale.

The Government is taking a number of steps to strengthen Sweden’s security. In the Government’s opinion, the decision of reintroduction of border control is one of several measures that are currently necessary to tackle the threats to Sweden’s internal security. The decision was taken in accordance with EU legislation. Given the current situation, the reintroduction of internal border control is the only available measure that enables the identification of people entering Sweden who pose a security threat or a serious threat to public order and internal security.

Several other Schengen countries, including Germany, Austria, Norway and Denmark, have also taken the decision to reintroduce internal border control. As previously, the Swedish Police Authority decides where and how border checks are conducted.

The control will be adapted to what is necessary to safeguard public order and internal security.

The decision applies for six months and entered into force on 12 November, when the previous decision expired.

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