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Sweden provides SEK 75 million to UNESCO to rebuild schools and preschools in Ukraine


The education sector in Ukraine has been severely affected by Russia’s full-scale invasion. Since February 2022, more than 3 000 preschools, schools and other educational establishments have been damaged, and 360 have been completely destroyed. Sweden is now providing SEK 75 million to the UNESCO Emergency Fund. The Fund is, among other things, supporting renovation and reconstruction of damaged and destroyed shelters in preschools and schools.

“Sweden’s development assistance to Ukraine is extensive, totalling over SEK 3 billion since the current Government took office. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has requested the Swedish Government’s assistance in the education sector, which we are responding to with this support,” says Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell.

Shelters can help thousands of children and pupils return to in-person education and activities in preschools and schools. Organised interaction with peers of the same age has a positive effect on children’s social and mental well-being. Preschool can also play an important role in providing health services such as health care and meals. The current lack of functioning shelters limits the number of children who can attend preschool, which in turn hinders custodial parents’ ability to work when their children have to stay at home.

“It is extremely important that children and pupils are able to continue their education without long interruptions, and that preschools and schools can be a safe place for them. This support to the UNESCO Emergency Fund for their work in Ukraine will help to achieve that,” says Minister for Schools Lotta Edholm.

Besides providing necessary equipment for shelters, the contribution will make it possible for UNESCO to install essential facilities for water, sanitation and hygiene, and ensure that shelters are equipped with heating and insulation for the winter. UNESCO can also ensure that the shelters are accessible for people with disabilities and that children have access to psychosocial support and physical activities. This contribution is a component of Sweden’s development assistance to Ukraine.

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Press Secretary to Minister for Schools Lotta Edholm
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