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Press release from Ministry for Foreign Affairs

EUR 371 million in humanitarian assistance through Sida to 30 humanitarian crises


The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) has decided to provide EUR 371 million in humanitarian assistance to 30 humanitarian crises. The largest part of the support will go to humanitarian actors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan and Sudan. Sweden’s humanitarian assistance in 2024 totals EUR 758 million.

“We see that humanitarian needs are increasing globally, and strengthening humanitarian assistance is therefore a clear goal in the Government’s reform agenda for humanitarian assistance. Sida’s allocation is based on a model that ensures funds are provided where needs are greatest. Through Sida’s appropriations and the Government’s extensive core support to humanitarian organisations, Sweden is contributing to effective, appropriate and flexible humanitarian assistance, with the aim of saving lives and alleviating suffering,” says Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell.

Sweden’s humanitarian assistance aims to save lives and alleviate suffering, and it is allocated based on humanitarian needs. Sida has now decided to provide EUR 371 million in humanitarian assistance to 30 humanitarian crises around the world, through 19 implementing partners. This constitutes the majority of Sida’s 2024 humanitarian budget of EUR 422 million.

In addition, the Government is providing EUR 336 million in core support to international humanitarian organisations this year, the majority of which has already been allocated. Core support helps organisations quickly adapt their operations to emerging needs and act as new crises arise. Within the core support framework, the Government can also earmark additional assistance in response to humanitarian crises. In 2024, this type of assistance has gone to the crisis responses in Ukraine, Gaza and Sudan.

Figures in EUR are approximate.