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Nordic Foreign and Security Policy 2020


On 2 December 2019, the Icelandic Minister for
Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the Nordic Foreign
Ministers, tasked me to write a report on Nordic
Foreign and Security Policy in the same spirit
as the one Thorvald Stoltenberg delivered in
February 2009. My work took into account the
establishment of Nordic Defence Cooperation
(NORDEFCO) in November 2009.

The mandate stipulated three tasks:
• addressing global climate change
• addressing hybrid threats and cyber issues
• strengthening and reforming multilateralism
and the rules-based international order.

- Björn Bjarnason


An Addendum to the report includes the
following short sections: The Nordic Context,
Cooperative Networks, and The Geopolitical
Context. Moreover, putting the report into
context with the COVID-19 pandemic was
unavoidable as it is bound to affect Nordic
and international cooperation in the near and
distant future.