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Swedish Explantation of Vote at the UN Security Council Adoption of Resolution 2421/UNAMI


Explantation of Vote delivered by Ambassador Carl Skau on behalf of Sweden at the United Nations Security Council Adoption of Resolution 2421 (2018), renewing the mandate of UNAMI, 14 June 2018, New York.

Mr President,

The parliamentary elections in May of this year were an important democratic step forward for Iraq. The decision to recount all votes means that this process is not yet at an end, and that the UN has a central role to play in support of this critical exercise.

Once formed, a challenging to-do list awaits the new government. A strong, well-resourced UNAMI, with the capacity to assist and advise the government as it works to address these complex challenges, and able to provide good offices, is, perhaps, more relevant than ever.

I would like to thank the Iraqi delegation for their excellent cooperation in the process, and the United States, as penholders, for their work on this resolution. We especially appreciate their efforts to streamline and update the text. There are two areas where we feel UNAMI's mandate has been particularly strengthened – these are on the role of women and the situation of children.

Mr President,

First, we welcome the inclusion, for the first time, of an operative women, peace and security component in UNAMI's mandate, bringing UNAMI into line with other missions.
This will allow the mission to further enhance its efforts to ensure women's full and meaningful participation in the political process.

Secondly, we also welcome the inclusion of strengthening child protection in Iraq, with a focus on the rehabilitation and reintegration of children. Successful reintegration is in the best interests of the child, but also critical to reconciliation.

Mr President,

The resolution adopted today not only renews, but improves and modernises, the mandate of UNAMI. We look forward to its full implementation.

Thank you, Mr President


Lisa Laskaridis
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