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Statement from the Prime Minister’s Office


Statement by Sweden’s National Security Adviser Henrik Landerholm on the worsened security situation, 13 August.

In recent months, in the wake of incidents including Quran burnings in Sweden, a number of things have happened that, together, indicate a heightened threat to Swedish interests abroad. 

Representatives of terrorist groups have called for attacks against Sweden. States and other actors have helped amplify such messages. Sweden’s Embassy in Baghdad was stormed and burned down, and there has also been an attempted attack on Sweden’s Embassy in Beirut. There are also indications that terrorist groups are planning other acts against Swedish interests abroad. Whatever the factors behind the attack on Sweden’s honorary consulate in Izmir, in which a member of staff was seriously injured, it too contributes to the image of a heightened threat to Sweden and Swedish interests abroad.

The security situation has worsened and Sweden has gone from a ‘legitimate’ target to a ‘priority’ target. Just today, the United Kingdom changed its travel advice for Sweden based on the heightened threat. 

The Government and relevant authorities are monitoring developments, taking a variety of measures and working closely with international partners to protect Swedes and Swedish interests abroad and to counteract the hate messages being spread about Sweden. In light of developments, Swedes abroad and businesses with links to Sweden should observe increased vigilance and caution.