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PSI data

To promote greater openness and better service in the public sector, public authorities should make their public data accessible for re-use, free of charge or on standardised and generous terms.

The Government Offices is working to make data accessible.

At present, data can be retrieved by making a selection in the filter and using the website’s RSS feed.

Public data about the Government’s work is also currently available on the Riksdag’s website, since most of the documents (legal documents) the Government sends to the Riksdag are available via the Riksdag’s open data.

The Riksdag’s open data is a web-based information service about Swedish aid built on open government data, developed by  the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

About the PSI Directive

The European Commission’s PSI Directive aims to make public sector information more accessible. This means that it must be possible for different actors in society to use public sector information to create new products and services. The PSI Directive has resulted in the Swedish PSI act (Act on the re-use of public administration documents [2010:566]).