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Conference with key health and medical care actors to strengthen support to Ukraine


On 1 December, Minister for Health Care Acko Ankarberg Johansson and Minister for Health and Social Affairs Jakob Forssmed will co-host a conference to discuss Sweden’s support to Ukraine’s health and medical care system. The conference, which will convene both public and private sector actors, aims especially to outline how Ukraine’s health care system can be rebuilt, strengthened and modernised.

“Since Russia’s full-scale invasion began in February 2022, Sweden has been determined to support Ukraine for as long as it takes – with military, economic and humanitarian assistance. The support to Ukraine’s health and medical care system must alleviate acute suffering, but long-term measures are also required to combat infectious diseases and manage the risk of antimicrobial resistance,” says Mr Forssmed.

The Conference on Support to the Recovery and Development of Health Care in Ukraine will be held by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and Swecare Foundation. Key Swedish health and medical care actors and Ukrainian representatives will discuss how we can best meet the short-term needs of Ukraine’s health and medical care system and promote long-term cooperation. A wide range of participants from public authorities, hospitals, higher education, the private sector and civil society have been invited to the conference. Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Viktor Liashko will also take part. 

"What’s unique and important here is that this conference will be wide-ranging so as to incorporate many perspectives in the discussions. The health care system has been put under great strain and medical staff have been working in extremely challenging conditions ever since the full-scale invasion began,” says Ms Johansson.

The agenda includes the Swedish Government’s Strategy for reconstruction and reform cooperation with Ukraine and examples of ongoing efforts in the health and medical care sector. Together with Ukrainian representatives, discussions will also address ways forward for Ukraine and how Sweden can continue to support and cooperate with Ukraine’s health and medical care system.