Government agencies

Each ministry is responsible for a number of government agencies tasked with applying the laws and carrying out the activities decided on by the Riksdag and the Government.

The state is a significant owner of enterprises in Sweden. The state business portfolio contains of 49 wholly or partly owned enterprises, two of which are listed. In addition, two business foundations and one EU company are administered. In total, these enterprises employ approximately 163 000 people.

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  • Saminvest AB

    Saminvest is owned by the Swedish state

    Saminvest AB
  • Swedish Gender Equality Agency

    Swedish Gender Equality Agency
  • Boverket – the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning

    Boverket – the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning
  • Delegation against Segregation

    The Delegation against Segregation is a government agency mandated to help reduce and combat segregation. It is responsible for ensuring that the Government’s long-term reform programme to reduce segregation is implemented in collaboration with municipalities, regions, agencies, civil society, researchers and others.

    Delegation against Segregation
  • Ombudsman for Children (Barnombudsmannen, BO)

    The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden is tasked with representing children regarding their rights and interests on the basis of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    Ombudsman for Children (Barnombudsmannen, BO)
  • Swedish Maritime Administration

    The Swedish Maritime Administration is responsible for ensuring that shipping can operate safely and efficiently throughout the year in Swedish waters and in all Swedish ports.

    Swedish Maritime Administration
  • Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute

    The main task of the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute is to conduct research and development in all modes of transport, i.e. roads, railways, aviation and shipping.

    Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute
  • Swedish Transport Administration

    The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for all intermodal long-term infrastructure planning for road, rail, sea and air transport, and for the planning, building, operation and maintenance of the state roads and railways. Proceeding from a community planning perspective, the Swedish Transport Administration is to create conditions for an economically efficient, internationally competitive and long-term sustainable transport system.

    Swedish Transport Administration
  • Swedish Transport Agency

    The Swedish Transport Agency is responsible for most regulation and supervision in the transport sector, and for deciding on permit applications and maintaining records. The Agency has overall responsibility for producing regulations and ensuring compliance. Its activities encompass all modes of transport, i.e. roads, railways, aviation and shipping. In addition, it administers motor vehicle tax, congestion charges and the super green car rebate.

    Swedish Transport Agency
  • The Board against Discrimination

    The Board against Discrimination is tasked with examining issues regarding financial penalties pursuant to the Discrimination Act. Only the Equality Ombudsman and central employee organisations can bring a matter before the Board.

    The Board against Discrimination