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State Secretary to Carl-Oskar Bohlin


Johan Berggren is State Secretary to Minister for Civil Defence Carl-Oskar Bohlin.

State Secretaries are politically appointed senior officials at the Government Offices who lead the work of a ministry directly under the head of the ministry or another minister. State Secretaries are responsible for planning and coordination.


State Secretary Johan Berggren
State Secretary Johan Berggren Photo: Kristian Pohl/Government Offices of Sweden

Areas of responsibility

  • ​​Civil contingencies planning, including civil defence​


​​Johan Berggren was born in 1979 and lives in Stockholm. He is married and has two children.​


​Master of Arts in European Economic Studies, College of Europe 
​ ​ 
​ Degree of Master of International Studies, Uppsala University 
​Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Oxford University​

Positions and assignments

​State Secretary, Ministry of Defence 
​Deputy Director, The Swedish Dialogue Institute for the Middle East and North Africa  
​Author, The Perfect Conflict 
​Deputy Director, Moderate Party Parliamentary Secretariat (also served as Deputy Party Secretary in 2017)

​Chief of Staff and Adviser to Tony Blair, Office of the Quartet, Jerusalem 
​Director of Planning, Prime Minister’s Office 
​Political Adviser, Ministry of Finance 
​Desk Officer, Budget Department, Ministry of Finance 
​Political Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
​Desk Officer, Ministry of Defence​ 
Trainee, Government Offices of Sweden 
Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company