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Bilateral defence cooperation

Cooperation with strategic Allies such as the United States, the United Kingdom and the countries in the Baltic Sea region is of particular importance to Sweden’s security. The cooperation with Finland is Sweden’s farthest-reaching defence cooperation.


Sweden and Finland have similar security policy perspectives and cooperate closely on defence. The purpose of this cooperation is to enhance both countries’ defence capabilities, enable joint operations and promote common defence interests to strengthen security in the Baltic Sea region. 

Defence cooperation between Sweden and Finland 

The United States

Cooperation with the United States is of great importance to Sweden. Both countries have a shared interest in improving the capability to act together in a crisis situation. In 2023, Sweden and the United States negotiated a Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) that further deepened defence cooperation between our countries.

Defence Cooperation Agreement with the United States

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Sweden’s defence and security policy relations with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are well-established. In light of the deteriorating security situation in the Baltic Sea region, a military exercise exchange and a close defence and security policy dialogue are being maintained. Swedish personnel work at the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn and, through the Psychological Defence Agency, at the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence in Latvia.


Defence cooperation between Sweden and France is well-established. In 2021, Sweden signed a statement of intent concerning intensified defence cooperation with a focus on international initiatives, military exercises and defence materiel.

United Kingdom

Sweden’s cooperation with the UK is of particular importance to security in the Baltic Sea region. In 2019, the two countries signed a cooperation agreement regarding the development of future fighter pilot aircraft. In 2022, Sweden and the UK signed a bilateral declaration of solidarity to support each other during crisis and conflict. Other areas of close cooperation include exercise and training, and research and development. 


Germany and Sweden have a long tradition of cooperation. In 2024, Sweden’s and Germany’s defence ministers signed an updated declaration of intent to further deepen and increase cooperation between the two countries’ armed forces and other defence agencies. Germany and Sweden had previously signed a joint letter of intent in 2017.  

Cooperation on defence materiel

Sweden also cooperates with other countries on defence materiel. These forms of cooperation take place both bilaterally and multilaterally and are important for acquisition of Swedish technology and materiel. Sweden has memorandums of understanding in place that regulate bilateral materiel cooperation with more than 30 countries.

Exports-supporting activities and international forms of cooperation are used as a means to further acquisition of materials that will strengthen and develop the operational capability of the Swedish Armed Forces. Materiel cooperation is, by extension, important to developing all forms of defence and security policy cooperation.