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Reduce the criminal economy


The Swedish Government is making a concerted effort to destroy criminal finances. Criminal actors are driven by money. To stop organised crime, the criminal economy must be reduced.

By minimising possibilities of financial gain through crime, incentives to engage in crime can be reduced. Profits from crime must be seized and recovered, to prevent that it is used to build up even stronger and better organised criminal operations. Committing crime should not pay off. Intensified measures to increase the seizures of crime profits are required. The public sector’s use of administrative rules – not criminal law – to disrupt and inhibit criminal activities is a necessary complement to traditional law enforcement.


It must be more difficult to profit from, and invest in, criminal activities. Crime profits must be prevented or seized to a greater extent.



Efforts towards this objective require:

  • preventing misuse of public funds;
  • fighting drug-related crime;
  • preventing use of businesses and other legal entities as tools for crime and
  • increasing seizures of crime profits.