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Resistance and action – Sweden’s national strategy against organised crime

Organised crime poses a serious threat to the Swedish society. The deadly violence and the criminal financial structures used by organised crime actors, and parallel social structures at local level, affect the safety and security of Swedish citizens. Also, the impact of organised crime damages citizens’ trust in public institutions. The strategy calls for action and outlines priorities, measures, and objectives, towards further resistance against organised crime.


  • Resistance and action – Sweden’s national strategy against organised crime

    Photo: Linnea Engberg/Government Offices of Sweden

    The Swedish Government has adopted Sweden’s first comprehensive national strategy against organised crime. The strategy serves as a direction for the work against organised crime, with the purpose to reduce vulnerabilities exploited by criminals. The national strategy presents priorities and identifies central actors.

Strategies for increased safety and security in Sweden

The Government has recently presented three new national strategies for increased safety and security in Sweden. These are a strategy for strengthening efforts against violent extremism and terrorism, a strategy against organised crime and a crime prevention strategy on social prevention measures against criminal networks. You can read more about the strategies here.

The five objectives of the national strategy

Illustration: Government Offices of Sweden

Criminal careers must be stopped

The growth of organised crime has been rapid and extensive. Far too many individuals in Sweden today seem to view a criminal lifestyle as a norm and an identity. This trend must be reversed.

Illustration: Government Offices of Sweden

Reduce access to illegal firearms and explosives

A critical factor behind the serious and deadly violence is access to weapons. Reducing access to firearms and explosives is an important part of prevent criminal networks from committing serious crimes of violence.

Illustration: Government Offices of Sweden

Reduce the criminal economy

The Swedish Government is making a concerted effort to destroy criminal finances. Criminal actors are driven by money. To stop organised crime, the criminal economy must be reduced.

Illustration: Government Offices of Sweden

Strengthen resistance against unauthorised and undue influence

Unauthorised and undue influence is a means for organised crime to take control and gain advantages. All forces of society must fight to prevent and resist this.

Illustration: Government Offices of Sweden

Ensure reliable systems for identities and identification, and improved ways to access and to exchange relevant data

It is vital to have a solid system for identities and identification, that criminals cannot misuse or take advantage of. Government agencies and other relevant actors must also have efficient ways to access and exchange relevant data, to prevent and investigate crime.

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