Press Releases 2002-2006

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These documents contain the collected Government and Government Offices' press releases from the period 1 January 2002-5 October 2006. These press releases have previously been published on and were removed from the website on 6 October 2006 when a new Government took office.

How to search the document

You can search the press releases in the document using the Adobe Reader search function. You can search using any word of your choice, but to simplify your search the press releases contain the following key words:


  • Göran Persson
  • Ann-Christin Nykvist
  • Anna Lindh
  • Barbro Holmberg
  • Berit Andnor
  • Bosse Ringholm
  • Carin Jämtin
  • Gunnar Lund
  • Hans Karlsson
  • Ibrahim Baylan
  • Jan Eliasson
  • Jan O Karlsson
  • Jens Orback
  • Laila Freivalds
  • Lars Engqvist
  • Lars-Erik Lövdén
  • Leif Pagrotsky
  • Lena Hallengren
  • Lena Sommestad
  • Leni Björklund
  • Margareta Winberg
  • Marita Ulvskog
  • Mona Sahlin
  • Morgan Johansson
  • Pär Nuder
  • Sven-Erik Österberg
  • Thomas Bodström
  • Thomas Östros
  • Ulrica Messing
  • Ylva Johansson


  • The Prime Minister’s Office
  • the Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Affairs
  • the Ministry of Culture the Ministry of Defence
  • the Ministry of Education and Science
  • the Ministry of Education, Research and Culture
  • the Ministry of Finance
  • the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
  • the Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications
  • the Ministry of Justice
  • the Ministry of Sustainable Development
  • the Ministry of the Environment
  • The Permanent Representation of Sweden to the European Union Subjects Agriculture, forestry, fisheries Asylum, migration, integration, minorities Central, regional and local government Communications, IT Culture, the media, leisure activities Defence, emergency management and safety Democracy and human rights Education and research Employment and gender equality Environment, energy and housing EU Foreign policy and international cooperation Health care, health, social issues/insurance Industry, trade, regional development Legislation and justice National economy and budget Sustainable development