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International development cooperation strategies from Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Sweden’s regional strategy for the Syria crisis 2016–2020. Amended and extended to apply in 2021–2023


The aim of the activities within the scope of this strategy is to contribute to strengthening the resilience – the ability to withstand, adapt and recover – of the Syrian population and of vulnerable groups in Syria’s neighbouring countries that are severely affected by the conflict. The strategy will also contribute to strengthening democracy and gender equality, and to greater respect for human rights in Syria and for refugees from Syria in neighbouring countries.


The strategy was initially adopted for 2016–2020 and provided a total of SEK 1.8 billion. The strategy period has been extended to apply in 2021–2023, with a total volume for 2016–2023 of SEK 3.210 billion. The objectives of the activities remain the same, but include an increased focus on accountability. The description of the implementation context has been updated.