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Legal document from Ministry of Justice

Police higher education programme - Summary in English SOU 2016:39


The Inquiry's remit was to propose how basic training and education to become a police officer could be redesigned as a fit-for-purpose higher education programme.


The remit included:

  • describing various alternatives for the design of a police higher education programme and proposing the most appropriate alternative;
  • proposing what qualification the programme should lead to and drafting a qualification description;
  • clarifying how a scientific basis can be guaranteed in the programme;
  • on the basis of the existing regulatory framework for higher education and with reference to the content of the programme and the future profession it targets, analysing whether special rules are needed for admission to or dismissal from the education programme;
  • analysing the conditions for the practical skills training as part of the police education programme and proposing a suitable design for this; and
  • proposing an appropriate length and scope for the programme and how it should be governed.