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Press release from Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Memorandum on Sweden’s NATO membership circulated


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs today circulated a memorandum proposing that the Riksdag approve Sweden’s accession to NATO. The aim is to enable a swift procedure once all of the NATO member countries have ratified Sweden’s accession protocol.

Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO accession protocols were signed by the NATO member countries at the North Atlantic Council on 5 July 2022. Once all NATO member countries have ratified the accession protocols, Sweden and Finland will be able to join NATO. Sweden’s NATO accession must then be submitted to the Riksdag for approval.

As a NATO member, Sweden will be expected to accede to an agreement regulating NATO privileges and immunities. The memorandum proposes that the Riksdag approve the agreement and its incorporation into Swedish law. It also proposes that the Government be authorised to take decisions on receiving support from NATO in the form of military forces. The aim of this is to create better conditions to defend Sweden.

Comments must be submitted within six weeks.