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Press release from Ministry of Defence

New military support package to Ukraine


The Government today adopted a proposal for an additional amending budget containing a new support package to Ukraine. The package, which is the fourteenth of its kind, includes artillery shells, spare parts, infantry equipment, communication equipment and Combat Vehicle 90 ammunition, worth around SEK 1.7 billion. The main part of the package regards ammunition and spare parts. In addition, the Government plans to adopt additional measures to supplement the direct materiel support, meaning that this support package will be worth a total of around SEK 2.2 billion. The Government also presented an assignment to the Swedish Armed Forces to analyse and report on the conditions for strengthening Ukraine through JAS 39 Gripen.

Russia’s war in Ukraine continues mercilessly and Ukraine has requested support in the form of ammunition, spare parts, infantry equipment, etc., and also a modern combat aircraft system.

The Government has continuously assessed the conditions for Sweden’s support to Ukraine. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Sweden has donated equipment worth over SEK 20 billion via thirteen military support packages.

With this fourteenth package, Sweden will have donated materiel worth around SEK 22.2 billion. 


The Ukrainian armed forces have a huge need for artillery ammunition. In this package, 155 mm artillery shells, are proposed to be donated to Ukraine. These are shells of the calibre used in many of the donated western artillery systems.

Spare parts and ammunition

Spare parts and ammunition for example for Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) were donated to Ukraine in the thirteenth government support package. Now the government proposes additional spare parts and ammunition to be donated. 

Infantry equipment

Sweden will donate infantry equipment in the form of body shields and assault rifles. Unit equipment such as four-wheel all-terrain vehicles, stretchers, night-vision scopes and goggles and winter equipment will also be donated. 

Communication equipment

Ukraine has also requested equipment to help maintain connections over long distances. The support package therefore includes audio, video and data satellite communication equipment. 

Other parts of the support package

In addition to the equipment mentioned in the bill, the Government also plans to decide on an extension of Sweden’s contribution to the British led Interflex and the Nordic explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) training operation to 2024. Basic training operation Interflex aims to train 30 000 Ukrainian recruits per quarter, and Sweden intends to continue to provide a maximum of 120 instructors in 2024. The EOD training is taking place in Lithuania, training Ukrainian officers in mine clearance with a view to them qualifying as instructors in their own units. Sweden’s contribution will remain a maximum of five instructors as part of the multilateral training staff. In addition to these training operations, the plans are for the Swedish Armed Forces to be given expanded possibilities to provide training to Ukrainian personnel in Sweden at short notice. The Government is also planning to donate the subscription fees for the donated satellite systems.

Swedish Armed Forces assignment regarding JAS 39 Gripen

The Government is tasking the Swedish Armed Forces, supported by the Defence Materiel Administration, with thoroughly analysing and reporting on the conditions for possible support to Ukraine in the form of combat aircraft. The report will include the impact on defence capabilities, defence economy and other defence activities and planning.

An important factor in this analysis is the JAS 39 Gripen orientation training that Ukrainian pilots and ground staff completed under the direction of the Swedish Armed Forces. 

The Swedish Armed Forces must also report on the conditions for possible support within the international F-16s coalition, which includes Sweden. 

Support in the form of JAS 39 Gripen would be conditional on Sweden first becoming a member of NATO. 

The report must be submitted by 6 November when the Supreme Commander delivers his military recommendations.

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