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Press release from Ministry of Defence

Government presents largest military support package to Ukraine to date


Today, 20 February, the Government presented the 15th and largest military support package to Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion began on 24 February 2022. Package 15 amounts to SEK 7.1 billion in current prices. It comprises a maritime initiative that includes Combat Boat 90s, small and fast motorboats (G-boats) and underwater weapons. The package also includes artillery ammunition, an anti-aircraft system, light anti-tank weapons, recoilless rifles, hand grenades, medical equipment, medical transport vehicles, food, and financial support to bilateral and multilateral projects or funds. It also involves financial support to enable Ukraine to purchase more Combat Vehicle 90s.

Russia’s brutal, unjust and merciless war in Ukraine continues and Ukraine’s need for support remains immense. This support package responds to the prioritised needs conveyed by Ukraine.

It is mostly managed through an additional amending budget that also includes the funds for support package 14, including an additional SEK 700 million in costs for package 14. The amending budget amounts to a total of SEK 8.2 billion. The Government will follow up on funding of package 15 in the Spring Amending Budget.

With these measures, which are worth SEK 7.1 billion (package 15) and the addition of SEK 700 million (package 14) Sweden’s total military support to Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022 amounts to SEK 30 billion. 

The support package includes the following. 

  • Artillery ammunition (155 mm). Following supplementation with components from partner countries, it will form functional grenades worth almost SEK 2 billion. Sweden is engaged in a dialogue about this matter with Denmark and Finland.
  • Vessels in the form of 10 Combat Boat 90s, 20 Group Boats (G-boats) and underwater weapons are being donated, in total worth about SEK 1.1. billion. 
  • An anti-aircraft system (Robot 70), light anti-tank weapons (Robot 55 TOW) and recoilless rifles with ammunition and personal equipment in the form of hand grenades. 
  • Medical equipment, medical transport vehicles and food. 
  • A donation to enable Ukraine to purchase new Combat Vehicle 90s (CV90).
  • Financial donations to various bilateral and multilateral projects to develop Ukraine’s defence capabilities and multilateral funds that purchase military equipment for Ukraine in the free market. 

The equipment in the support package is being used by the Swedish Armed Forces, but they have made the assessment that it may be donated if replacement purchases are made soon. 

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