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Press release from Ministry of Defence

DCA bill submitted to Swedish Riksdag


The Government has decided to submit the Agreement on Defense Cooperation bill between Sweden and the United States to the Swedish Riksdag. The agreement complements Sweden’s NATO accession and strengthens the country’s defence by facilitating US military presence in Sweden.

The Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA) with the US is a natural extension of Sweden’s NATO membership and the changing conditions for Sweden’s security policy.

“To defend our freedom and democracy, we need to strengthen both our defence and international cooperation. With the DCA, Sweden can receive early, swift and effective military support from the United States in a deteriorating security situation, which is carefully regulated and based on Swedish consent. Therefore, the agreement acts as a deterrent and is stabilising. It reduces the risk of war breaking out and makes Sweden safer,” says Minister for Defence Pål Jonson.

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has worsened Europe’s security situation and fundamentally changed Swedish security policy. This deteriorating security situation means that Sweden must be able to respond quickly to complex security developments – independently and with others.  

In recent years, the US has signed similar bilateral DCAs with several European countries to improve cooperation and facilitate the presence of American personnel on European territory. Sweden, Finland and Denmark negotiated their DCAs in parallel, while Norway and the Baltic States already had such agreements in place. It is a strength that we get effective and similar forms of cooperation with the United States. It signals our consensus on security policy, enhances security in northern Europe and facilitates NATO’s defence planning. 

According to the DCA, the cooperation is based on Sweden’s consent and is conducted with full respect for Swedish sovereignty, Swedish legislation and international obligations. This cooperation is conducted in accordance with international law. The DCA does not affect Sweden’s position that, as in other Nordic countries, there is no reason to deploy nuclear weapons or permanent bases on Swedish territory in peacetime. Entering into this agreement does not alter this position, which was previously expressed within the framework of Sweden’s NATO application. Sweden’s application to join NATO had broad support in the Riksdag, without reservations. This position remains unchanged. 

The DCA bill will be submitted to Parliament today, Wednesday 8 May 2024. 

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