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A Scientific Basis for Climate Policy - The Scientific Council on Climate Issues Reference No.: Report 2007:3

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The Scientific Council on Climate Issues has been commissioned by the Government to provide a scientific assessment as a basis for the work of the Climate Committee, the all-party parliamentary committee set up to review Swedish climate policy. An important part of this task is to provide basic documentation and recommendations for Swedish climate policy targets at national, EU and international level. Scientific understanding of climate change and its implications is constantly increasing. The fourth assessment report of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, corroborates previous data in many respects. To a great extent, the Scientific Council on Climate Issues bases its conclusions on the knowledge compiled by the IPCC, but it has also taken into account research published at such a recent date that it could not be considered in the latest IPCC assessment report. Other relevant studies, too, have been used. In addition, the Council has chosen to emphasise findings of relevance to Sweden nationally and to Sweden as an actor both in the EU and at global level.