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Statement by Ebba Busch

Ministerial statement on proposed European Critical Raw Materials Act


Statement from Minister for Energy, Business, and Industry Ebba Busch.

Minister for Energy, Business and Industry Ebba Busch @Kristian Pohl

On 16 March, the European Commission presented its proposal for a new legal instrument to promote secure and sustainable access to critical raw materials in the EU.

Secure and sustainable access to raw materials is necessary to enable green transition. The transition requires new technologies and new energy solutions that lead to even greater demand for more metals and minerals than those we have previously used.

The increasing demand and the prevailing geopolitical situation has prompted the EU to act in several areas related to access to raw materials. Currently, the EU uses 25 per cent of the global production of metals, however, produces only 3–4 per cent of them. Recycling, reuse, and other circular methods are important, but will not be sufficient to meet the growing demand. There is great geological potential in the EU to mine the metals and minerals needed for the green transition.

The Critical Raw Materials Act is a priority for the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU. The Presidency’s ambition is to work towards a proportionate and balanced act that promotes secure access to sustainably produced raw materials. This legal instrument aims to increase access by strengthening our European value chains through measures in the following areas:

  • Increased domestic mining and production.
  • increased resource efficiency and recycling; and
  • diversification of trade.