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Åsa Regnér is no longer a government minister, Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality

Information material from Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

About what must not happen – a roadmap


This information material contains the English summary of the Swedish Government’s action plan to protect children from human trafficking, exploitation and sexual abuse.


Combatting human trafficking and the exploitation and sexual abuse of all children is of the utmost priority to the Swedish Government. The aim is for no child to be a victim of these crimes. For this reason the Government has decided on a new action plan to protect children from human trafficking, exploitation and sexual abuse.

This action plan continues the previous action plan of 2014–2015. The new action plan contains measures for the period 2016–2018. These measures will help to attain the goals of the 2030 Agenda, which involve eliminating abuse, exploitation, human trafficking and all forms of violence or torture against children and abolishing all forms of violence against all women and girls in public and private spheres, including human trafficking, sexual abuse and other types of exploitation.

The measures in the action plan also contribute towards the strategic work that the Government is carrying out to reach the gender equality policy target of eliminating male violence against women, where girls and boys are to have the same rights and opportunities to physical integrity.

The action plan reflects the Government's ambition to also be a driving force on these issues on the international stage. Sweden must be a strong voice in the world for gender equality and human rights.

In the light of this, the Government's aim with the action plan is to prevent these infringements and effectively protect children, bring perpetrators to justice and give those children, irrespective of their gender, who have been the victims of these crimes the support and protection they need. The action plan therefore contains a number of measures in these areas.