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Sweden to host UN conference on road safety in 2020


The UN General Assembly in New York confirmed on Thursday 12 April that Sweden will host the Third Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety in 2020.

The road safety conference that will be held in Sweden in 2020 will mark the conclusion of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety and will be closely coordinated with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The aim of the conference is to discuss how the global targets for road safety can be developed, not the least in relation to the already existing goals for road safety in the 2030 Agenda. One important task will be to prepare a declaration focusing on global road safety efforts up to 2030.

"It is an honour for us to have been given the task of hosting the conference. Sweden is a world leader when it comes to road safety solutions, and our work with initiatives such as Vision Zero has attracted great interest in the rest of the world. Hosting the conference will give Sweden the chance to show leadership in the area of road safety," says Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth.

The conference will gather minister-led delegations from some eighty countries and their representatives from various sectors of society affected by road safety. In addition, representatives of business, research, organisations and relevant international institutions will attend.

The planning phase will now begin. The Government has given an assignment to the Swedish Transport Administration to assist in the preparations. One important part of the work will be to consult relevant parties, both national and international, on what the outcomes of the conference could be.

"It is an honour for the Swedish Transport Administration to help arrange the conference. In Sweden, the number of traffic fatalities has been halved since the turn of the millennium. But we need to do more to achieve the goal. The conference will provide a valuable opportunity to learn from one another's experiences in order to save more lives both globally and locally," says Lena Erixon, Director-General of the Swedish Transport Administration.


Road accidents cause more than 1.3 million deaths a year worldwide, and up to 50 million people are injured. Around 90 per cent of those injured live in developing countries resulting in increased poverty for already vulnerable groups.

The Government's ambition is for Sweden to be a leader in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Road safety issues, their consequences and potential solutions are closely related to other sustainability challenges, such as climate change, gender equality and human rights. Accordingly, in addition to the Agenda 2030 goals on road safety, hosting the conference will contribute to a number of the other 2030 Agenda goals together with a strong focus on sustainability.

The road safety conference, which Sweden will be hosting, is mentioned in the resolution on road safety adopted by the UN General Assembly on 12 April. It will be the third global high-level conference on road safety. The first were held in Msocow 2009 and the second in Brasil 2015. The General Assembly adopts a resolution on road safety every two years. The aim is to summarise and give guidelines for the efforts on global road safety carried out within the UN system, the WHO and the Member States.

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