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Major investments in valuable natural environments in Government’s Budget Bill


The Government is now proposing to enhance the work for Sweden’s valuable natural environments through investments in the protection of forests, more monitoring of the situation in natural environments and more robust efforts against eutrophication. The Budget Bill builds on an agreement between the Government, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.

“Climate change and the rapid loss of species on Earth is taking place here and now, and this also affects us here in Sweden. We cannot leave these enormous problems to our children; need to take responsibility here and now. This is why we are again proposing historically large investments in both the environment and climate,” says Minister for Environment and Climate, and Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin.

Clean sea and water

“The sea, lakes and our watercourses give us life and sustenance. It is therefore incredibly serious when parts of Sweden are affected by recurring water shortages, and lakes and the sea are polluted and become eutrophic, and when biological diversity is reduced. This is why the Government is investing in helping our sea and waters recover through the important ‘Rent hav’ (clean sea) initiative,” says Ms Lövin.

It is the Government’s view that the pace of work on reaching the marine and water-related environmental quality objectives needs to increase. The Government is therefore proposing SEK 240 million for efforts to combat eutrophication in 2020. As part of the clean sea and water investment, the Government is also proposing that work on clearing polluted sediment and environmentally hazardous wrecks be strengthened with an extra SEK 65 million in 2020, which also includes international action on chemicals.

Environmental monitoring is crucial for following the work on achieving Sweden’s environmental objectives. Environmental monitoring provides information for making well-founded decisions. The Government is therefore investing SEK 80 million in environmental monitoring of sea and waters.

Protection and management of valuable natural environments

It is a clear ambition of the Government that forests that are worthy of protection should not be felled, but conserved – either through formal protection or through voluntary set-asides. The resources for the protection of valuable natural environments will be secured, which is why the Government is proposing an extra SEK 200 million for 2020 so that the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and county administrative boards can strengthen the efforts to protect valuable forests.

“We need to take care of the natural environment so that it can take care of us. The Government wants more valuable natural environments to be protected and more important wetlands to be restored. This is why we want to make major investments in the protection and management of valuable natural environments,” says Minister for Financial Markets and Housing, and Deputy Minister for Finance Per Bolund.    

The Government is also going ahead with an investment of SEK 400 million for 2020 to strengthen the management of nature reserves and national parks. The investment also aims to strengthen the work against invasive species, the preservation of endangered species, game management, and the restoration and construction of wetlands.

It is important that the county administrative boards have the appropriate conditions for conducting supervision and supervision guidance under the Environmental Code. The Government is therefore proposing that the county administrative boards’ administrative appropriation increases by SEK 42 million to strengthen their work on environmental supervision.

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