Press release from Ministry of Justice

Amendments to the ban on entry into Sweden


The Government today decided to amend the ban on entry into Sweden. The amendments mean that all travellers in the EU/EEA are subject to the same requirements for entry into Sweden. The decision was made due to the increasing spread of infection and based on a request from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. The list of countries with approved vaccine certificates has also been updated. The amendments come into effect on 21 December.

COVID certificate required for travellers from all EU/EEA countries

Sweden is currently facing a deteriorating situation in which the spread of infection is increasing, and health and medical care services are signalling a growing and worrying burden. The Public Health Agency of Sweden has requested that a COVID certificate be required for entry into Sweden from all EU/EEA countries. The Government has therefore made a decision in line with this request. It will be implemented as quickly as practically possible, i.e. on Tuesday 21 December.

This means that, as of 21 December, to enter Sweden from all EU/EEA countries, including the Nordic countries, travellers will have to present the EU Digital COVID Certificate or a corresponding certificate showing that they have either been vaccinated against COVID-19, tested negative within 72 hours prior to arrival or recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months. This requirement applies to foreign citizens aged 18 and older, with certain exemptions.

Exemption for fully vaccinated travellers from United Arab Emirates, Cabo Verde and Lebanon

The Government today decided that people who can present a vaccine certificate issued in the United Arab Emirates, Cabo Verde or Lebanon are exempt from the entry ban and test requirement for entry into Sweden.

According to a European Commission decision, vaccination certificates issued in these countries are to be considered as equivalent to the EU Digital COVID Certificate, which means that such certificates can be checked and verified in the same manner and using the same technical systems as the EU Digital COVID Certificate. The amendments come into effect on 21 December.

For more information on how the ordinances on temporary bans on entry to Sweden are to be interpreted and which exemptions apply, please visit the Swedish Police Authority website. See the adjacent links.