Statement in connection with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s telephone call this evening with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani


The Prime Minister conveyed Sweden’s condemnation of the shooting down of passenger flight PS 752. He stressed that the relatives of those affected are entitled to a swift explanation of responsibility for the shooting down, and that Iran must take full responsibility, including in relation to those affected. President Rouhani promised that Iranian authorities would fully cooperate.

The Prime Minister noted that Iran’s admission provides the basis for a comprehensive and transparent investigation that must clarify all of the circumstances surrounding the shooting down. The national experts that Sweden and the other affected countries are entitled to send must be given full insight into the investigation. The Prime Minister also emphasised the close cooperation between the countries affected.

The Prime Minister expressed his deep concern about the Iranian missile attack earlier in the week, which also targeted the international presence in Iraq, in which Sweden is participating, and he noted that any attack on international troops must be condemned. The Prime Minister urged Iran to exercise restraint and take concrete measures to reduce tensions in the region. He also emphasised the role the EU could play in supporting de-escalation, regional dialogue and political solutions.


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