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The Government Offices

The Government Offices form a single, integrated public authority comprising the Prime Minister’s Office, the government ministries and the Office for Administrative Affairs.

Government Offices archives

Anyone who wishes to access official documents from the Government Offices is welcome to visit the Government Offices archives. In our research room you can search the Governments´register as well as read documents kept in our archive.

The Swedish Government Offices Yearbook

The Government Offices Yearbook presents statistical data about the Government Offices of Sweden. The purpose of the Yearbook is to present facts and figures about the organisation, duties and activities of the Government Offices.

About the Government Offices

The Prime Minister leads and coordinates the work of the Government, the eleven ministries handle government business in their respective fields, while the Office for Administrative Affairs provides the administrative services required by the Government Offices.

Environmental Management at the Government Offices

The Government Offices is to help ensure that Sweden is a leading country and a driving force in endeavours to bring about sustainable development.

Content from The Government Offices

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