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Civil society and sport

Civil society refers to the arena – separate from the state, the market and the individual household – in which people come together to take collective action around shared interests. Civil society includes networks, non-profit organisations and registered faith communities. The Government’s policy for civil society provides opportunities to create organisations, receive state aid and encourage people to become involved and conduct activities. Sports policy forms a specific part of the policy for civil society.

Responsible for civil society and sport

Responsible minister

Jakob Forssmed Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health

Responsible ministry

News about civil society and sport

  • Government budget initiatives to combat antisemitism and support Jewish life

    Combatting antisemitism is a high priority for the Government. The budget presented on 20 September includes several initiatives to enhance and shore up these continued efforts. This includes funding to the Jewish Museum, the Living History Forum and the Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities, and state aid for security-heightening measures.

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