Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström comments on the MONUSCO resolution

I welcome the UN Security Council's adoption today of a resolution extending MONUSCO, the UN peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This UN force plays an important stabilising role in the extremely fragile political, humanitarian and security situation in the country. The terrible crime against Zaida Catalán and her colleagues, while she was carrying out her UN assignment for peace and security in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, shows that the challenges facing the country continue to be enormous.

In light of reports of human rights violations and increasing levels of violence, it is of great importance that the Security Council has agreed to give the initiative a robust, effective and updated mandate with two clear priorities: protection of civilians and support to the political process.

At Sweden's initiative, the Security Council has also stressed the importance of women being given a voice and of the UN strengthening its efforts to attack the root causes of conflict, including the need for good and democratic governance.

The Security Council makes clear that a political solution is essential and that the Congolese Government bears the ultimate responsibility for protecting its own people and for security in the country.


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Press Secretary to Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström
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