Statement from PM Stefan Löfven regarding the Ukrainian passenger aircraft


Statement from PM Stefan Löfven regarding the Ukrainian passenger aircraft .

Here in Sweden, and around the whole world, people are grieving for the victims of the aircraft crash outside Tehran on 8 January. I feel strongly for all of those who have lost a relative.

Iran has assumed responsibility for the aircraft being shot down. Iran has stated that the aircraft was shot down by mistake. This statement provides the basis for a comprehensive and transparent investigation, which must shed light on all of the circumstances surrounding the crash. The relatives of those affected are entitled to a full explanation of responsibility for the crash. We demand that Iran cooperates without restrictions in the continuing investigation, and that the affected countries are given the opportunity to participate using their national expertise and are given full insight into the investigation.

I take a very serious view of the statement Iran has now given. The fact that the aircraft was shot down is terrible and horrifying. Shooting down a civilian aircraft - regardless of whether or not this was a mistake - is an action that must be condemned and for which Iran must take full responsibility, including in relation to those affected.

Sweden is in close contact with the other countries whose citizens were killed in the crash, and yesterday a group was established at foreign minister level (the International Coordination and Response Group for victims of Flight PS752) together with these countries. I will ensure that the group quickly establishes contact in light of the statement from Iran. We also have the support of the EU in our demands for a full investigation and for Iran's cooperation in this.